Nguyen Tai Nguyen

Web Developer

What Do I Know?

  • Experience in building backend solutions using Javascript, Python and Golang.
  • Working knowledge of REST API design.
  • Strong working knowledge of object oriented design.
  • Experience in GraphQL
  • Working experience of frameworks like Express.js, Nest.js, etc
  • Ability to write quality unit tests
  • How to write efficient queries in MySQL
  • How to design user friendly UX with CSS, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Experience with version control, such as Git
  • An intermediate level of verbal and written communication in english.

What Have I Built?


CovCT is an independent contact tracing platform I built along with my team at Madison Technology. It is hoped that this app could control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Gamuda app enables you to track the location of employees. It allow you to track employees clock in clock out, Check IN/OUT, route, path and assign routes to them.


TimeSheet is a tool helps track time, log expenses, and manage invoices like a breeze.

Music Web App

A Music App is a project for education purpose. It is built with React.js, Nest.js and uses the Soundcloud API

Source Code

Do I Have A GitHub?


Do I Have A Resume?

I definitely have.

What Is My Contact?

079 666 2777